When working from home, your workspace can be the last place you seem to find any organization. Perhaps, if you are like me, your workspace is EVERYWHERE. My husband and I have set some boundaries, no Laptops in the bedroom. This is a good rule of thumb especially since that is where we sleep and that needs to be the most relaxing place in the house, a sanctuary if you will.

Organization will not only keep you sane, but your family as well.

Here are some workspaces of other women entrepreneurs just like you!

  • http://thewellstudio.co/workspace-wednesday-better-life-bags/
  • http://thewellstudio.co/workspace-wednesday-tamara-menges-designs/
  • http://thewellstudio.co/workspace-wednesday-elleizahbeth/
  • http://thewellstudio.co/workspace-wednesday-naptime-diaries/
  • Your Workspace HERE? I would love to see your workspace, send me some pics or post them on our Facebook Page!

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Photo Credit: http://st.houzz.com/