Email disguised as a Hallmark E-Card.
It is an email that looks legitimate but is really a VERY bad virus. Save yourself some time and money by following these simple steps provided by Hallmark!

How to tell if a Hallmark E-Card notification is real:
  1. The subject line of legitimate E-Card notifications from Hallmark will say, “A Hallmark E-Card from (name of the sender)” not a generic term like “friend,” “neighbor” or “family member.
  2. The e-mail notification will come from the sender’s e-mail address, not
  3. The notification will include a link to the E-Card on as well as a URL that can be pasted into a browser.
  4. The URL will begin with followed by characters that identify the individual E-Card. Hover your mouse over the words “click here” in your e-mail. If you do not see the URL above, it is not a legitimate Hallmark E-Card.
  5. Hallmark E-Cards are not downloaded and they are not .exe files.
  6. In addition, will never require an E-Card recipient to enter a user name or password nor any other personal information to retrieve an E-Card.

To read the Full article click the link below:|10001|10051|/HallmarkSite/LegalInformation/FAQ_ECARD_FRAUD_ALERT also commented on this Fresh Virus that is circling:

Don’t get caught by this nasty Virus, it takes a lot more than a ZICAM to get over!