Create Videos and DVDs
Miro—Every computer comes with a default video player. But it’s never anything to write home about. It only plays a handful of file types. This player does so much more. It will play nearly any file type. And you can find and download new shows right from the program. You can also subscribe to online content for easy viewing.
HandBrake—What about the video already on your computer? And what about your home movies? These can be just as fun to watch as TV shows. But working with them isn’t always easy. HandBrake will help you rip personal DVDs and convert video files. Then, use them with any video player or portable device.

Process Photos
Big Huge Labs has plenty of fun photo tools. You can make mosaics and calendars. Add effects or create fake magazine covers.
You can also try the Hockneyizer or Warholizer. Your photos will look like works by Pop Art greats David Hockney or Andy Warhol. What fun!
Delete Duplicates

You can use a basic program like DoubleKiller (free). It will locate files with the same name and photo size.
But, this isn’t foolproof. I recommend PhotoSort ($25), Duplicate Image Finder ($30) or Check Identical Files ($33).

Recover deleted
Recuva (free) works with both hard drives and memory cards. PC Inspector File Recovery works with hard drives. Or, use PC Inspector Smart Recovery for memory cards. Both are free.
Identify and Organize
Picasa Web Albums (free) will do the trick. Of course, you must upload your photos to the Internet.
Another option is PicsMatch, one of my advertisers. PicsMatch ($60) runs directly from your computer. It will even upload tagged photos to Flickr or Facebook.

Converting Photo Formats

Some cameras include software for editing RAW files. That is, provided the camera captures RAW photos. If not, try RawTherapee. It will help edit and convert RAW photos.
IrfanView is also helpful. It converts photos among many different formats. Plug-ins add compatibility for some manufacturers’ RAW files.