Everyone these days is trying to find ways to cut costs. My mom is taking it to the extreme. Each week she gathers all of the coupons she can find; then she spends the day clipping and planning her COUPON attack. She next enters the underground world of couponing. This world is made up of women bloggers who stay up at night or get up early blogging about the great deals they got the previous day. These women are a special breed. They buy stuff just because its free. Who cares if you dont need a tube of toothpaste, or another stick of deoderant. This doesnt matter to these women. Their philosophy is, if its free why not? Well I guess that is true. (I must admit we have gotten to use a lot of products we would not have had the opportunity to use because they are so expensive.) But for all this couponing, where has it gotten us? Well we will now be able to survive the comming presidency in the following way:

We will be eating free cereal for every meal in our fresh “linen” scent home (not to mention we will smell powder fresh), wearing free mascara and our teeth will be clean and white.
Here are some links to the UNDERGROUND: