woman sitting on the sofa and holding a phone with app for health card monitoring

Tech has had a home in the medical/health world for quite some time. Doctors using tablets during appointments are a common sighting. There’s also been the emerging of online portals to log in and see your medical history, documents, and a summary of office visits. Did you know there are cool resources you have access to for your own personal use?

With summer time practically here, don’t let the heat keep you from staying physically active. You could go to the gym. But, if you prefer the convenience of home workouts with or without equipment…there’s apps for that too!

Perhaps you’re having trouble keeping track of your medications and when you’re supposed to take them. Maybe you could use something better than sticky notes on your fridge to remember your medical appointments. Your solution may be as simple as downloading an app or using a feature on your mobile device you already have. This month we’ll spotlight info you’ll find useful.

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