Six ideas to get your apartment/home and your life organized

  • The best first step is to de-clutter one room at a time. Maybe the best place to start is in your attic space, or in another area where wasted spaces abound. Clearing useless clutter out of these areas leaves room for storing things that you either need or really want to keep.
  • To begin cleaning and organizing an attic or garage space, make piles — one for trash, one for saving, one for donations/garage sales and one for items that need to be saved and filed. Since the attic or garage often stores keepsakes and memorabilia – this next tip is important: pick up an item and ask yourself if you need it. If you hesitate, you don’t need it – throw it away.
  • The next step in de-cluttering a cluttered space is to set realistic goals for the project. If you only have two hours on a Saturday – choose two or three boxes to go through.
  • Try to reserve a weekend, but take a break now and again to keep your sanity in check.
    Buy a labeler and plastic storage bins (preferably see-through) and pack away all the things you are keeping. If you don’t have a filing system, purchase a plastic filing bin and keep it in plain sight.
  • Often, when it comes to filing, the old adage out of sight out of mind definitely applies.
    Last of all, use your new system. Clearing out wasted spaces in your home or apartment’s storage areas should free up room in other areas. Once you’ve made your way through the house – you’ll realize that living organized is not just a dream. It takes work and discipline, but it can be a reality – and give you a sense of calm that will positively affect your entire life.
  • Don’t wait and put it off any longer. Get started and enjoy the benefits of being organized!