Well,  after reading my last blog post, I am intimidated. Go figure. I intimidated myself! This happens whenever I resolve to do something like write a blog or start a new project. I reach a pinacle and then figure I cant get any better than that, so I quit. I give up.
How often do I do this with things that really matter?
So here I am, trying to stick to this….

Ever noticed that the laundry you do on monday is still in the basket on thursday?
Even though it takes twice as long to “de-wrinkle” it 10 min before you need it than it does to just hang it up when it comes out of the dryer.

Every noticed that anything with a door on it is 10x more likely to be a disorganized and de-shelved mess? Just look under my bathroom sink or in my office to see my point illustrated to perfection. Both a complete mess and both have doors you can’t see through.

More to come… Stay Tuned

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