pants-on-fire-sierra-club-image-e1301083020960Jacksonville Magazine’s 904 had an article showcasing How People Lie.

Here are a few of their tips:

[Please note that these are NOT hard fast rules, but insights that might help you be a little better at reading people.]

  • Eye Contact – None means they are probably lying or hiding something.
  • Looking up and to the Right – This indicates they may be using their imagination or making up a lie.
  • Looking up and to the Left – This indicates recalling a memory.
  • Posture – Squirmers are often liars.
  • Wringing of the Hands.
  • Micro Expressions – Check out Dr. Ekman’s research (You know, like the show Lie To Me)

Recently, I have had several people in business lie to me. Broken Promises they had no intention of following up on. (I call those lies.) I believe that in the business world, you should say what you mean and mean what you say. However, not everyone follows this philosophy. So, I have learned the HARD way that contracts are NECESSARY evil. No one wants to spend their weekend drafting a contract just so they don’t get screwed out of a promise made by another human being (i.e. Trade of Services for advertising, etc).

So, don’t get caught with THEIR pants on fire. Just get it in writing before it’s too late!