Organizing your workspace is a key element to a successful work flow when using the computer. I know that sounded like a lot of jargon, because it was…… It means if your desk is disorganized, you will work disorganized. Try straightening up the desk. make it clean and free of clutter. Get a desk organizer at Office Max (my favorite place) or another Office supply store. The small clear plastic Rubbermaid drawer sets are great for holding post its, tape, pens, anything small. It can really clean up the desk area. 

Take an objective look at the workspace. Stand at the entry or doorway and look into the space. Is it welcoming? Do you want

 to go in or not? Do other people dare enter the space? Can you see the top of the desk or work surface?
A Cluttered Desk equals a cluttered mind…. Get the Bug to clean up the area where you work on the computer. It will make you feel so good!  Not to mention you will get so much more done!