CompareMe ($1.99) – Many people save by shopping at wholesale stores. The idea is to buy in bulk to save money. But bulk packages come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing the right one is tough.
Let’s look at an example. A four-pack of 24-ounce cereal boxes costs $25.39. Next to it is a two-pack of 18-ounce cereal boxes at $10.68. Which is the better buy? Are we shopping or taking the SAT? This app will do the calculating for you.

RedLaser ($1.99) – Barcodes are handy tools for cashiers. They ring up items and their prices with a swipe. But barcodes are pretty much useless to shoppers. That is, unless they are using RedLaser.

Coupon Sherpa (Free) – Coupons are a great way to save. But you have to cut them from the newspaper. Or, maybe you print them off the Web. What if you could carry them on your phone? That would be convenient. Coupon Sherpa gives you access to hundreds of coupons. The barcode is displayed right on your iPhone. The cashier scans it just like a paper coupon. You’ll also find coupons for department stores, car rentals and lots more.

Yard Sale Mapper (Free) – Some of the best deals in the world are found at yard sales. However, finding yard sales is always a pain. Some might be in the back of the newspaper. But you’re often left driving around looking for signs.
This app solves that problem. It pulls yard sale ads from Craigslist. It then locates them on Google Maps. You can see and read about all the sales near you. Find the ones you want and get driving directions.