Maybe you want to eat a healthy breakfast every day. Or maybe you want to stop buying a $5 coffee every morning. What can motivate you to achieve those goals? How about a daily score?

With Joe’s Goals you create a weekly calendar of your daily goals. Check off Healthy Breakfast on Monday, and you get a point. But also succumb to Expensive Coffee, and you lose a point.
This site essentially turns your goals into a game. But you’ll actually be improving yourself. This is a great way to track your goals and get motivated. – Many goals involve forming good habits and breaking bad ones. It could be exercising more, eating healthy or quitting smoking. Habits are formed or broken in 21 days.
Once you submit your goals involving daily habits. habitforge will e-mail you every morning. It will ask if you succeeded the previous day. If so, you’re one day closer to a real habit. If not, the timer resets and you’re back to day one. – This program lets you capture thoughts for later reference. Jot down quick notes, take photos and record audio. It also has great online management. It works on your phone but all your data is also available on your online account. So, it can be with you all day.