One of the hottest commodities on the market today is the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is expected that Apple will have sold 80 million iPhones by 2012. The uses for this mini computer are growing everyday. Currently there is over 65,000 official applications available at iTunes for the iPhone. At the current growth rate this number could top 100,000 by the end of the year. This is not counting a vast amount of web based applications, over 1700 alone registered with Apple.

iPhone apps exist in many flavors, everything from simple games to complex software for professional task. Most apps are very affordable, if not dirt cheap or free. Filmmakers have not been left behind in the app frenzy. While searching the web for some tools to help us, I was astonished by the amount of software available. Here is a list of apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch apps I was able to dig up.


Hitchcock by Cinemek inc (Cost: $19.99)

(iPhone, OS: 3.0 or later) Screenshots

Cinemek® Hitchcock for iPhone and iPod Touch is a mobile storyboard and pre-visualization composer designed for Directors, Directors of Photography, Producers, Writers, Animators, Art Directors, film students and anyone who wants to be able to visualize their story. More Info

iSlate by ibuiltthis (Cost: $2.99)

(iPhone/iPod Touch, OS: 2.1 or later) Screenshots

iSlate is an easy to use portable digital clapper board that can help video enthusiasts add a touch of hollywood magic to their videos. Possible uses include video blogs, online video postings, and various video projects. More Info

iSlate Lite by ibuiltthis (Cost: Free)

(iPhone/iPod Touch, OS: 2.1 or later) Screenshot

Free Lite version of iSlate the portable digital clapper board.

DOFMaster by Donald Fleming (Cost: $1.99)

(iPhone/iPod Touch, OS: 2.0 or later) Screenshot

Use DOFMaster to calculate the depth of field in your photographs. You’ll be able to select the lens and f/stop combination that provides the zone of sharpness you need. Use it to calculate the hyperfocal distance for landscape photography. More Info

hollywoodhelperHollywoodHelper by differential enterprises (Cost: $2.99)

(iPhone/iPod Touch, OS: 3.0 or later) Screenshots

For actors, Hollywood Helper / Broadway Buddy helps you learn the lines of your scripts without lugging around printed scripts, whether you aspire to screen or stage. More Info

LightMeter by Frank Bauer (Cost: $2.99)

(iPhone, OS: 3.0 or later) Screenshots

Turn your iPhone 3G-S into a exposure meter.More Info