The sound of anxious students counting down the days until school’s out is getting louder and louder.  Will you have older kids at home most of the day or your children’s friends over at your house a lot?  Maybe you’re a relative getting ready to have youngsters visit.  Don’t forget to prepare your technology for usage of the minors.  Kids of all ages are curious and it’s gotten easier to accidentally stumble across inappropriate material. It used to be the only concern was what a minor might find online.  Now there’s the added concern of strangers portraying themselves as a child’s peer.

Parental controls are not just for parents.  They’re a wonderful idea for anyone who may have youth accessing the internet. Sure you can’t control everything your youngsters may get exposed to.  However, you have more options that you might think.  Of course they’ll hate it, but it’s for their own good.

Perhaps your concern is limiting their access to purchase things online such as apps.  iTunes and Google Play account settings are a starting point.  Have a teen, or tween, who’s always changing settings on your account on the computer or other gadget?  We can fix that. Give them a limited access account.  They’ll be able to get online but can’t download things or change system settings without authorization. Easy peazy!

Whether you have an Apple, Windows, or Android product, we can help you get situated.  There’s of course software you can purchase but there are lots of other methods available too. Conversations about safe internet/social media use are very important. School’s [almost] out for summer!!  Safe interneting!!