You, Your Website and Your Customers
That’s three variables and one of them needs to take a chill pill and bow out of the relationship.
Most people want to redo their website about every 6 months. (I know because I am guilty of it.)
They get their new website or redesign and are thrilled with it for a while, then they start to see things they want to change. Everything starts to look dated or not up to par with the competition’s website. When in fact it looks just fine.
You customers couldn’t care less what the site looks like as long as they can find what they need and gather valuable information from your site.
The odd man out is you. Stop wasting time worrying about the way the site looks, or the logo, or the color scheme. Start looking at how you can get more people to visit the site and promote your brand. Its called Inbound Marketing and it works wonders. Don’t believe me? Stay tuned….