I know I know, You are thinking that this is a Fad for the Young kids. Well its not. There are plenty of great blogs out there that are run by smart intelligent adults. Some of these are very well followed!
Think of the Blog as an extended Christmas letter. You can update it throughout the year and your relatives wont bug you at the holiday gatherings with a ton of boring questions. They will already know how johnny is doing in school, or if you and the hubby are doing anything exciting for that big anniversary.

Here are a few sample blogs that are some ideas as to what you can do to get started!

See there is nothing to it. Sometimes people just post 2-3 sentences. Or just post a picture. Or a thought or idea you had. Something you found funny. A deal you got. ANYTHING. It can be anything you want it to be.
Give it a try.

WordPress.com is the best site in my opinion for Easy to use FREE Blogging tool!
Give it a try. Try it this year instead of or in addition to your Christmas Letter…. After Christmas Upload some pics to share with family and Friends.
Heck, you could even make a video and share a special Holiday Message with Family and Friends!
For more Information on Blogging, Email me with a question and I will post a Special Edition about it right here!