I have started offering a new service…..



I will come and personally assist you with the clutter that so often overwhelms people.
There are Keepers and Tossers.
If you are a keeper but your stuff has taken over your Office, your Home, and your Life, call me to schedule an appointment today!

I now have Weekly Appointments Available!

No job is too big or too small.
Maybe your kitchen needs some special attention. 
Maybe the medicine cabinet and the linen closet are screaming out for help! whatever the job, I will treat it with the same care and confidentiality that all my clients enjoy.
A before and after picture will be taken to remind you of where things go and to help everyone using the space to not let it go this far again!
If the job requires, a Garage sale will be organized and unused/unwanted items will be sold to raise money for organizing bins and equipment!

Remember, no job too big or too small!

As most of you know I LOVE teaching computer, However, I think this is my true calling! Organizing has always been my first love. Let me share it with you and help you take back your space!