Mobile Photography is on the rise with Instagram and Facebook promoting photos, photos, photos. Photoshop even has an app. Here are some uses for that little (or not so little) phone camera you might have overlooked!


  1. Extra Brain Space
    Take pictures of where you parked or someone’s hours posted on their door or a menu from your favorite restaurant. Your Brain Hard Drive can only remember so much!
  2. Deposit Checks
    Some banks allow you to deposit checks via their Apps. Save time, Save Gas, Save $$!
  3. Assist in Note Taking
    When using Evernote you can use the camera to take pictures of a printed page, or a sign or an inspiration and save it along with your other notes on the subject.
  4. Flashlight
    The iphone has recently added this functionality to the Control Panel (swipe up from the bottom of your screen). Other phones have Free flashlight apps you can download.
  5. Measure your Heart Rate
    Some Apps allow you to monitor your heart rate via the camera. Instant Heart Rate
  6. Computer Woes
    Take a picture of your screen when those LONG messages FLASH up without time for you to read or write down the error code. Your computer tech thanks you!