samsung-galaxy-s4-rear-camera-macroThe last post was so popular, I thought of a few more items to add to the list!

  1. Search Your Images
    If you are using a Note Taking App like Evernote, It will allow your images to be searched for words and numbers.
  2. Scan Documents
    Take pictures of pages and documents to have them in the cloud and on your phone for easy access.
  3. Explore
    Use your Camera to scan QR Codes for coupons and offers and Bard Codes to compare prices Online while shopping in a store.
  4. Easier Expense Reports
    Scan receipts into programs like Zoho Invoice, Expensify, and other Business Expense Apps.
  5. Add Contacts, FAST
    Card Munch is a great app to scan Business cards into your contacts. No typing, No Time, No Problem!
  6. Make $$
    Instagram can boost your business and get your product in front of an audience you may not have been able to reach before the invention of the cellphone Camera!