Now that Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, most of us are starting to think about Christmas!
A Video Keepsake form Genuine Films is the Perfect Gift!
Take those photos of someone you love and create a lasting memory they can enjoy again and again!

Video Photo Keepsakes.
Video Photo Keepsakes are the perfect gift to give during the holiday season! Whether someone is living far away or right down the street show them you care by presenting them with this timeless gift.

For my Children. Who knows a child better than their parent. This very special video is designed for a parent to give a child. Whether they are grown, almost grown or far from it, they will cherish this gift for years to come. Dig their baby pictures out of that shoebox. We scan and enhance them for you with our state of the art equipment. For my Mother. Mom holds a very special place in your heart. She is the one that was always there. Every scrapped knee and piano recital, she saw it all! So, why not reminder her again of all the good times you shared. For my Father. It’s always a little difficult to shop for that special gift for dad. Whether it be for Father’s Day, Birthday or Christmas, nothing ever seems good enough for the man who made you who you are today. Why not take a trip down memory lane and give this memorable gift. For my Spouse. After living with a person 24/7 you know them. You know their likes, dislikes, favorite least favorite memory. You know what kind of music they like and what makes them laugh, or cry. A Video Keepsake like this will be sure to make them smile as you recall your wonderful life together through pictures. Weddings. Did you or anyone you know recently tie the knot?  Men, are you looking for that special gift for your wife? This unique video can be customized to express you and your spouse’s special day! Whether you have been married for a while or are a newlywed, show your spouse that the special day you shared still means as much to you now as it did then. Tributes. Photo Keepsake Videos are the best way to memorialize lost loved ones. Even though watching a tribute video can sometimes be a sad experience, we will make it one that celebrates the life of the loved one. Honor your loved ones memory by capturing their life on a special DVD. Give it as a gift or keep it for yourself. Pet memorial videos are also available. Vacations and Holidays. Did you tour Europe last summer? What about last Christmas or Thanksgiving, where are all those pictures? These events are notorious for producing an abundance of pictures. We take the best pictures, from the hundreds you snapped, and preserve the memories for generations to come. This DVD is great to present to those who were not able to share in those memorable occasions.

Choose 25-45 Pictures and 1 Song for a 2min video. – $85
Choose 45-85 Pictures and 2 Songs for a 4min video. – $130
Have more photos or want to add another song?
We will customize it to meet your needs. 
Thanks and Have a great Holiday Season!
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