St. John’s County Chamber Official Press Release:

One Company breaks the stereotype that all geeks are created equal

Since Age 10, Elizabeth Pampalone dreamed of being a web designer. With her degree and determination, Mrs. Pampalone built the company, Jax Computer Chic, on the solid foundation that Girls can be Geeks, too! With almost 20 years experience with computers, 14 years experience in building websites, and 6 years experience in running a successful business, it’s the only call you need to make! No job is too big or too small for Elizabeth. She has been able to solve many issues where others have tried and failed. She has made over 500 House Calls. With Experience like that, where else would you turn? She has also taught over 700 classes to over 6,500 students. The many bands of geeks have nothing on this patient and knowledgeable “Chic” who can solve any problem you seem to encounter. Whether Website, Blog, Mac, PC, Phone, Tablet, or Computer, One Call Can Fix It All, Call Jax Computer Chic Today! 

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