Many people have asked me about how to get rid of their old computers. Well there is a place down town that recycles old computers, monitors, cellphones, wires, cords, and cables. Their website is
You take them your e-scrap and they will pay you cash. If you have a lot of it, its worth it. If not, just collect from your friends. They will be glad to have it out of their house and hair and you will have a little extra cash in your pocket. Also businesses that you know of might let you take their old stuff if they don’t have anywhere to take it. They will be glad you were there to help them out and you get a little bonus when you drop it off!
Just an entrepreneurial thought in today’s economy…

I just thought I would let you know about a website since you all LOVE e-bay! : you can bid on a number of things that were stolen and never claimed. The description will tell you what the condition is.
They are very honest about the items. There are also some trusted vendors that have NEW items as well! Check it out!
Well I have done all my shopping (see the past sale ads I posted), I have decorated everything 
So now its time to say…

Have a great Holiday everyone! I will be off until after Christmas…. If I find any great deals for the Day after I will be sure to post them here so don’t forget to check Christmas evening (25th) or Early on the 26th!
Have a safe and Happy Holiday!
Merry Christmas!