Every year as a kid I looked forward to school supply buying day. The one day a year my opinion on the Lisa Frank Notebook I would choose was paramount. While those blue lines on a white page and your favorite pen (sparkly gel pens for me) aren’t going anywhere, there is a new generation of note-taking apps. Think of a 10,000 page notebook with separate tabs for various areas of life and work.

Marketing Ideas, Leads, Kid’s Artwork, Recipes to Try, Random Thoughts, Vacations Memories, Food Journal, Restaurants to Try, Passwords.

Today’s Digital Notebook tools are designed to alter what your idea of a notebook is while keeping simplicity and portability front and center.

Evernote (For Android, Blackberry, iOS, Kindle and Windows), a popular option and my personal favorite. It can be used on any device to grab almost any kind of file including photos and audio clips. Everything is synced and indexed for better searching. It will even pick up and index the text on a sign in a photograph. Evernote even is capable of helping you plan a trip gathering itineraries together, saving emails, sketching with ipad or iphone, store recipes, and even drop PDFs and other files for searching or sharing.

Noteability (for iOS) allows you import PDFs and Photos. I gives you the ability to highlight, draw on and create a scrapbook-esque item. Great for teachers or anyone who has to collaborate with others or make corrections on copy or images. The applications are endless.

Springpad (for Android, iOS, and Kindle) is an interactive way to set it and forget it, sort of. A compilation of notes, photos, todo lists, clipped articles, and info from websites is compiled and is updated based on the latest info “out there”. Say you are researching a new tablet. Springpad will let you know if there is a price drop on that item. Going on a trip? Springpad will help you get directions to any address in your notes.

The digital age can be scary for some,
but with apps that mirror and enhance our most beloved form of communication (the note), how can you go wrong?