Extracting clutter is the first step to the organization of your life and your space. An environment that is purified, refined, and free of the disruptive chaos of overflowing “stuff” not only has a significant bearing on the aesthetics of your home, but it also affects you. There is nothing more unmotivating and hindering than a living space in which one cannot live. Clutter is in essence the cholestorol coursing through the body of your home. It is easy to obtain it in high amounts, hard to get rid of, and has negative long term affects. While this detrimental condition can be treated, the bad news is that is it contagious. Eventually we become the space in which we are living, or trying to live. A cluttered home yields a cluttered mind. Take care of your clutter before it starts to take you over.


Living clean is an art. The mindset of many is that having a clean home is an attempt made every so often when the “dirty” is noticeable, or when guests will be soon be invited to socialize. That’s not clean, that’s stress. Clean is about maintenance, not an attempt at a colossal overhaul all at once. The masterpiece that your home then becomes is a fresh living space, one which you can actually enjoy, that will leave you feeling rejuvenated.


There are those who would say that to be organized is to have a place for everything. At the same time others would say that it means having a neat area in which they know where everything is. Whether you keep a filing cabinet of documents that are separated in folders and alphabetized by topic chrongologically, or simply utilize a free range filing cabinet (known to the rest of the world as a desk), organization is not about a strict method of rules. The outcome is finding what works best for you so that you will always be able to find what you need.


You become the things with which you associate. A messy, dirty, unorganized home will have such effects on your own mind and body leaving you overwhelmed and uninspired. You now have the option to order off of a menu that is tailored to the individual needs of your home. You decide what you want and your only worry then becomes what you are going to do with all of your new free time.


Some things last forever, but all you really have is a lifetime. I’ve yet to find a person who would rather spend their free time cleaning and organizing instead of entertaining friends, visiting with family, or partaking of leisure activities. Take the time to free your mind, start concentrating better, and learn how to declutter the people and things that hold you back. Don’t live the only lifetime you have a slave to the demands of housekeeping when you have the option to keep your house fresh.