What are they? You might have noticed the little icons along the side of my website. I call them deals and steals. These are links to certain companies which I find most intriguing.

For example:

Jamberry Nails - Logo Jamberry Nails: You might have seen my logo nails. They are AWESOME and a great way to startup a conversation with a potential client!

Godaddy: I love using their products for my customers. They are low cost and high value. Their customer service is excellent and as long as you don’t let them sell you unnecessary products, this is a great company!

MailChimp: Another great service for small businesses! I used it for years as a free user. Now that my business has grown, Mailhimp grows with me! I love this company and how they empower the little guy to grow!

Nomad: I recently came across this company on facebook. They have this awesome product for those of us who run down our phone batteries. Guilty, 1% is my domain! Check out their great keychain product!

Dollar Shave Club: The latest fad is ordering a monthly subscription to products you buy. There are Bark Boxes, and Birch Boxes, and even Nature Boxes. Well, The hubby needed some new razors and in the store they are $18 for 4. This company sends you 4 every month for $9. (We were buying razors every 4-5 weeks.) Saving money and time! Love that they are delivered and the packaging is genius!

Dropbox: One of my al-time favorite sites. It’s like an online flash drive/ backup drive/ file sharing program. The free version is enough for most people, although their paid options are not too expensive. I love that I can automatically backup my computer folders to this site and never worry about losing them!

Deemable Tech: Tech Blog at its finest. Lots of articles and podcasts for everyone to enjoy no matter you tech background! I’ve contributed a few times!

AirBnB: I am always raving about this site to my clients! My husband and I have traveled with AirBnB twice to NYC. It was a really great experience both times!

Thumbtack: I just joined this service. I think it is a great way to find qualified professionals in your area! Check it out!

Evernote: I could not do my job or run my business without EVERNOTE! Once you start using this app/website/program you will never go back to taking paper notes again! Search functions, reminders, not to mention the sharing and organization it brings to your business.

Eventbrite: I love this service. I use it often for events that I throw! It is a great way to keep track of who what where and when. Throwing an event or planning a big meeting can take a lot of tracking, Eventbrite handles it all with ease!

iStockPhoto: I am always looking for gorgeous photos for my client’s websites and blogs. Ever wonder where I get them? Yep! iStockPhoto has some of the most gorgeous photos! Check em out!