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Jello again!
After a few days off, I am back online, and back to work!
Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like work!
Someone recently asked me what the Cheapest Ink to get was and what good printer uses it. Well here is the answer I gave…. (its all fact, you can look it up!)

I recommend HP. I know at first their ink can be a little more than what you might want to spend however they have what is called an XL size. The regular sizes print about 200 black pages/170 color pages per respective cartridge. The XL size prints 750 black pages/520 color pages a cartridge.
The price difference is
BLACK: You would have to buy about 4 regular black inks at $17(4x=$68)  each to get the same as one XL for $31.99 each.
COLOR: You would have to buy about 3 regular color inks at $20(3x=$60)  each to get the same as one XL for $34.99 each.
The printer that uses 74/75HP XL ink is the following model numbers….
HP Officejet J5700 All-in-One series
HP Photosmart C5200 All-in-One series
HP Photosmart C4300 All-in-One series
HP Photosmart C4200 All-in-One series
Also If you want to use any of the other XL sizes just visit the HP website www.hp.com or search www.google.com for “HP XL ink”.
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