IT IS HERE! The day we have all been waiting for!

Capitalist Quarterly is underway! My vision for CQ is to empower small business by presenting new and innovative ideas and allowing you to MAKE time for your business as well as yourself. It is something I struggle with often. I have chosen 9 monthly topics (We will be continuing this program through the rest of the year) and 4 Quarterly.

1st Quarter: VISION

2nd Quarter: FINANCE

Bookkeeping Practices

Salary and Overhead


3rd Quarter: MARKETING



Exposure and Word of Mouth

4th Quarter: SERVICES

Defining and enhancing current services

Furthering your education

Expanding your services offered


Those are the goals!

Each Month I will post a blog post about the Monthly Topic. Feel free to discuss it here (On Facebook and at our quarterly skype chats for FLT members). If you would like to Guest Post about a specific topic you have expertise in, Feel free to contact me at


VISION? I’m no Daredevil, or am I? (Marvel Comic Book Character)

When you start your business, as an entrepreneur, it is usually born of a driving sense of purpose. To be successful, this vision should be taken a step further and developed into a plan for future growth. In this economy it is hard to see where growth can happen. With the political situation what it is, it is hard to take those risks. However, there is one thing that never changes, GOD! He is the one who has put this passion in our hearts to help those we help, or sell to those we sell to. He has given us the tools to fulfill HIS purpose, so why would He hold back when it comes to growth? I am not saying, GO WAY OUT ON A LIMB, but take prayerful risks. Consult Him, your spouse, your parents, and those you respect in your industry.

Is your vision all in your head? If so, It needs to be on paper! This establishes your decision, reminds you of your end goal and keeps you on track. (Make your own Printables) Defining a three year vision can help you and others see where you are headed. I have been in business for 6 years. When I started, My vision was: Build Websites for Small Businesses for a living. I began to take teaching job after teaching job. Why? Because it paid $ and I was good at it. Helping our oldest generation with their computers and iphones is a lot harder than it sounds, but it was not what my goal ultimately was. In January of this year, I was struggling with my identity as a business. I got in touch with Aimee of ByAimee and she asked me some questions I had never even asked myself. She said, What direction do you want your business to go? Make it the primary of your business and make your current $ maker your secondary. WOW?! What a risk right? YES, but a worthwhile one! Last year I created 4 small business websites. This year, I have been averaging about 2 websites a month. What a difference! All because I had  a clear vision!

You business Vision should be Goal based. Once your reach that vision, Redefine it, and go after that new, more specific dream!

Goals for your business should be SMART:

  • Specific – Clearly defined by YOU
  • Measurable – Quantifiably defined in such a way as to
    gauge progress
  • Achievable – Challenging and rewarding, but still
    within reach
  • Relevant – Tied to current critical tasks and your abilities
  • Time-based – Linked to a timeline

– See more at:

So be SMART about your vision… It’s is not the end of the wold if you don’t have a vision or if you do and you are thinking “I’m working on it GEEZE!” 🙂 Be sure to have goals and deadlines for those goals. No one can live up to a standard if it is not defined and they are not told when the deadline is!

Do you have any insight for those writing their vision for the first time? Maybe you have questions because you are going to write yours TODAY? Leave a Reply below and get the discussion started! (Don’t forget to post on FB and have some questions to pose at our skype meeting my FLT members!)

PS: I decided I am a Daredevil(Marvel Comic Book Character), and I have the Original Visionary on my side!