2nd Quarter: FINANCE

Bookkeeping Practices – Sometimes, doing what you love takes up all your time and if you are at all a creative type, you really don’t want to be bothered by all those pesky #’s. 🙂 THAT’s OK! HIRE someone. I often find that I value someone who can do things I am not good at and I am more than willing to pay them to take that task off my hands. Others, like myself, feel the need to control the purse strings a little tighter. That is why I do my own taxes and manage my own business finances. This can take a lot of time, but I have gotten it down to somewhat of a science. Programs like Zoho.com, Quickbooks, Paypal, and SquareUp.com help with all that!

Salary and Overhead –  I try to keep my overhead low by working out of my home and being mobile. I know this is not an option for most industries, but you can always to a spending audit of your own business or hire someone to look at your books and see where you can save money! There are some Bookkeepers who are great at saving money and knowing where to get your much needed supplies and services for LESS! I help those with small businesses perform a Technology Audit via skype and get them into services that cost less while not compromising quality!

Pricing – Don’t DO NOT sell yourself short! Your knowledge and time is valuable! Look at your competition, what are they charging? Are they offering exactly what you are? More, Less? Possibly even talk with an industry leader in your area and see what the “going” rate is in your region. There are a lot of resources like the local SBA, Local SCORE (Free) Counseling Chapter, and of course your local Chamber of Commerce that can help you find someone who can give your a better Idea of what is realistic to charge.

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