Many of my students have asked me “What can I delete from my computer?” There are a lot of things you can delete…….

For example: 


A shortcut is a special kind of icon that does not directly represent a file, folder, or program, but rather serves as a link to it. Many shortcuts can be created for the same file, and deleting a shortcut will not delete the associated file. By default, Windows denotes shortcuts by displaying a small white square with an arrow in the corner of its icon. Shortcuts CAN be deleted.Empty your recycle bin on a regular basis. This trash bin is full of stuff you have already deleted. Don’t hold on to it because it can cause you to use memory that you may need later. Don’t be afraid to do Empty the recycle bin.

Also try running the Disk Clean Up. This will eliminate a lot of unnecessary files. The computer knows which files are OK to delete if you use this Disk Clean Up Program. This program can be accessed by going to Start >> Accessories >> System Tools >> Disk Clean Up.