CutePDF – Printing costs a lot. Ink and paper aren’t cheap. So, what’s the solution? Stop printing. Well, at least cut back. Anything you print can be saved as a PDF on your hard drive.
Solution2: Change the Font size of the things you print. Changing the font size by 2 pts can save you ink and paper.
Solution3: Use the Draft Print Setting on your printer
Soliton 4: Use an XL cartridge of the same number. 4x as many prints as a regular cartridge and only costs 2x as much.
Solution5: Use the Grayscale Printing Setting on your Printer

Hulu – Your cable bill can definitely dent your wallet. You may be able to get favorite shows online for free. Hulu offers tons of full-length shows and feature films. Hulu Desktop is a slick way to access it without a browser. You can also control it with a remote. is another great site!

InvisibleHand – This Firefox add-on is your shopping assistant. When you land on a product page, it automatically goes to work. It scours a number of online stores for that product. And it will tell you if you’re looking at the best price. If not, it’ll provide a link to the better deal.

Skype – Are the kids off at college? Do you have family overseas? Don’t cut conversations short because of long-distance phone bills. You can make PC-to-PC calls for free with Skype. You just need a microphone (most laptops have them built-in). Add in a Webcam(Newer Laptops have them built-in) to make video calls.