January has come and gone… Resolutions? Who has time to keep up with all of those well laid plans to be more organized in 2014?

Here are 3 apps that can help you keep yourself organized all year long!



The Multi-use all that will record voice memos, take photos, store documents and keep reminders and meeting notes. All in one easy location, synched to all of your devices now matter what system you are using.


Check out how this business owner uses Evernote…


gotasksGo Tasks:

Most people are using some form of Google to send and receive email. Whether it is Gmail or Google Apps for Small Business. Even if you do not use it for email, you probably have a Google Account. Google Tasks is one of the best inventions in keep you organized. The App GoTasks allows you to sync Google Tasks to any Apple Device. (Android Devices sync without using an app.) GET GO TASKS



Your calendar is a very important part of being organized. Most people don’t even know where their calendar comes from. You could be using Gmail, iCloud, Mobile Me, Yahoo, or all of the above for your mail, however where does your calendar live? It is imperative to have your calendar all located in once place. Only one calendar should show up in your settings on your phone, tablet, and computer. Android users should only be using the Gmail or Google calendar to avoid unauthorized wipes and loss of data. The more calendars that show up in your settings, the more likely it will be that you would lose important info. GET CALENDAR HELP