As I read more and more of the book Inbound Marketing by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shan, I am drawn to how simple some of these concepts are. It does make it easier for someone to lay it out on paper.
A client of mine gave me this book. I am supposed to be reading it to better my understanding of what he expects from me. However, I am using the key principles on my own business. As I began to analyze my own business I realize I fall into the same traps that everyone does. Just because I can do all of the things they suggest without hiring experts doesn’t mean that I do.
This made me stop and think.
I tell my clients to focus on a few strategies and execute them well. I don’t. I tell my clients many things that I don’t even do for myself. I guess the old saying is true: The Cobbler’s family is the only family in town without shoes. It just goes to show why my website has not been updated (content wise) in many many moons.
This blog has had manu directions and none of them have worked out particularly well. This reminds me of my business plan. I try so many things but none of them seem to last for very long. I am taking the rest of the 2010 year to turn that around for this blog and for my business.
This Blog is going to have a new direction. I will be posting my understanding of how to run a successful entrepreneurial business in today’s market and economy. All though the content will not be earth shattering, my hope is that someone finds my trial and error approach to this new way of marketing helpful.